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You are invited to join in the Kerri Smith Academy of Irish Dance's March Madness Bracket Fundraiser!  It's easy, fun and will support the purchase of school dresses for our dancers! 


Anyone can take part in the fun!  The suggested donation is $26 per bracket.  You may select more than one bracket.  All proceeds will support the KSA school dress fund!  KSA has students who compete on a regional and national level in both team and solo competitions.  We are fundraising for school dresses to be used by teams in competition and at shows.  The cost of each dress is be approximately $650.  The KSA fundraising account contributes $300 toward each dress purchased by someone in the school.  We look forward to sharing the fundraising journey with you, thank you for your contribution!



Instructions for joining the pool entitled 'KSA'



1. Go to


2. Enter the following information:

   a. In the Pool ID box, enter the number 40363

   b. In the Pool Password box, enter 'Dancer' (without the single quotes)


3. Fill out the form information, including a personal username and password. (Rest assured, this information will NOT be sold or utilized for spam email under ANY circumstances.)


4. Make your bracket picks.  You have the ability to change them until Thursday, March 17th at 12:15pm. 


5. Submit your donation!  Suggested donation is $26 per bracket, feel free to donate as much as you'd like!

Purchase one "fundraising ticket" per bracket by following this link or

send your donation check to...

Kerri Smith (c/o Peggie Marano)

28 Oak St

Nutley, NJ


Or contact Kerri at to arrange a time to drop it off at the studio! 

*We must receive your donation by March 17th!



March Madness Fundraiser!

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