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Interested in registering at KSA?  

Email to schedule your free trial class and someone will

be in touch with you soon! 

Check out our beginner classes! 

Wondering which class is perfect for your dancer?  Email us and we'll let you know!  

Check out the descriptions below to get a better idea!  We'll see you in the studio! 

Intro to Irish Dance & Movement
Age 3-4
Saturday 9-9:45am

Introduce your little dancer to Irish Dance and help them improve balance, body control, and devolop many other gross motor skills while having fun and learning how to stay active and healthy!  

Beginner Irish Dance
Age 4-8
Wednesday 4:45-5:30pm

Beginner Irish Dance is for dancers who have taken "Intro to Irish Dance" or are taking class for the first time and are a bit older and more mature.  In the beginner class we begin learning full steps, honing skills and perfecting the basics.  Dancers in this class are highly encouraged to begin competing at local small competitions!

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