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Dancer of the Month

One dancer each month is chosen as KSA's Dancer of the Month.  The dancer is chosen on their class ediquette, interaction with other dancers in the school, great improvements or worth ethic... anything that makes them stand out as a REAL role model for the other dancers in the school! 

May 2016: Maria Esperanza Bello
April 2016: Alice Morrison
March 2016: Lainey Nguyen
February 2016: Eliza Pipchick- Herman
October 2015: Juliana Peters
May 2015: Cora Kerr


March 2015: Gianna Annetta


Gianna has come very far both on teams and in solo skill level in the past year. She has gained a immense amount of confidence on and off stage and is a great role model for both her peers and the younger dancers in the school.  

February 2015: Hadley Prichard


Our youngest DOTM so far- Hadley comes to class each week ready to work and practices at home- she recently moved into a more difficult class and is doing fantastically!  All dancers should have Hadley’s awesome attitude and work ethic in their first year of dance- and beyond!  

January 2015: Malena & Nicola Wavell-Smith


Malena is a wonderful teammate, friend, and competitior to everyone around her.  She is kind, hard working, dedicated, and a role-model to both her peers and younger dancers.


Nicola has a way of seeking out her peers who may be struggling, and being a there for them when they need a friend most.  She is a wonderful supporter of her fellow dancers at feiseanna and adds a great sense of humor to her class.  


We wish Malena & Nicola the best in their return to Australia!  We have had a wonderful three years dancing with them and they will be GREATLY missed! 

December 2014: Olivia Adiukas


Olivia is revognized as Dancer of the Month because she is consistently supportive of all the dancers around her, works hard in class, and is a wonderful role model for younger dancers at KSA.  

November 2014: Mia Barth


Mia consistently comes into class in a postivie mood, is kind and friendly toward her classmates and teammates, and always works hard.  Every dancer should approach classes with  Mia's awesome attitude!  

October 2014: Sandra Kawoczka


Sandra has been chosen for her focus, dedication, and hard work in class.  She consistently gives 110% and has made great strides in her dancing in the past month!  Congratulations Sandra! 

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